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  • Tokens, RAG und das Wissen von LLMs

    Tokens, RAG und das Wissen von LLMs

    Ich möchte diesen Blogartikel mit einer lustigen Begebenheit aus den vergangenen Tagen beginnen. Der Chevrolet Autohändler in Watsonville hat versucht den Kundenservice durch eine künstliche Intelligenz zu verbessern. Eingesetzt wurde das GPT-4, eingerahmt in einem klassischen Chatfenster, wie es viele Webseiten heutzutage verwenden. Aber wie sich herausstellte, konnten einige Nutzer den Chatbot austricksen. So wurde…

  • Zephyr, Mistral and LLMs in general

    Zephyr, Mistral and LLMs in general

    Exploring the role of foundation models and the emergence of smaller LLMs like Mistral 7B There was big news in the world of LLMs at the beginning of the month: Mistral 7B. This new LLM was unique for its incredible performance and for its relatively small size. This LLM does not have to hide behind…

  • Making OpenAI Whisper better

    Making OpenAI Whisper better

    We already looked at ways to make the original OpenAI Whisper model faster. We came across two different projects that aimed to deliver the best performance in terms of transcription speeds. But Automatic Speech Recognition is actually not about speed. The primary focus is on factors like quality and functionality. The overall quality of Whisper…

  • Making OpenAI Whisper faster

    Making OpenAI Whisper faster

    Explore faster models of Whisper with reduced transcription times, lower memory consumption, and use of TPUs.

  • Evaluating the Expense of OpenAI Whisper: API or Self-Hosted?

    Evaluating the Expense of OpenAI Whisper: API or Self-Hosted?

    OpenAI’s Whisper is one of the best Speech-to-Text models currently available on the market. The transcriptions are highly accurate and include information such as pauses and emphases. It outperforms in terms of quality major competitors. It can also process a variety of languages. In addition to automatic transcription, it is able to perform language translation…